Monday, November 12, 2012

Jump-starting Handmade on Jupiter

When I first opened my Etsy store Handmade on Jupiter back in April, I mainly just wanted a place to share my creations with others.  I enjoy making cards and creating things for Natalie.  Why not make a little extra money on the side and share my projects with others?

Well, keeping up with the store was a bit more challenging than I thought.  I had been so busy with house stuff and Natalie stuff that I wasn't very committed to making cards.  Then my good friend Megan came up with the idea of a holiday Open House for her Mary Kay business.  A good friend of hers started a Premier Design Jewelry business a few months back, so she was joining Megan with the Open House.  I was very excited when Megan asked if I'd like to have a table of my cards at the event.  I hadn't ever presented my work in public!  Plus, having a deadline where I would need lots of product helped get me out of my rut and get working!

Over the weeks that followed I created close to 90 cards to sell at the Open House.  It was refreshing to create some new designs and I couldn't wait to show everyone!

Fast-forward to this past Saturday at the Open House...


One of my tables...

Handmade on Jupiter's Christmas Collection

Baby cards, Thank you cards and Just Because cards! Oh my!

Megan and Laura had their products displayed too...

Megan's Mary Kay display

Laura's jewelry display

I had a great time presenting my cards to new customers at the Open House.  This weekend we have another Open House scheduled in our area.  I'm really excited to see the turn-out.  

If you're not in my area to attend the Open House this weekend, but you're interested in purchasing a card from Handmade on Jupiter, have no fear!  I'll be adding the cards that remain after the Open House to my Etsy store by Thanksgiving.  

At this time, I'd like to invite anyone who's already purchased from me to leave feedback about your cards. Leaving this feedback for my store will help me demonstrate to future customers how important your satisfaction is to me.

If you haven't purchased a card from me, but you'd like to help out my store, please "Like" my Handmade on Jupiter Facebook page.  Again, this will help get my store's name out and you'll also get updates when new cards are added to the store.

Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me in this endeavor; whether through kind words, purchasing items or just telling others about my store.  I appreciate it more than I could ever say!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Love this stuff! You're super talented! Greetings from a J10M! Following your blog!