Sunday, March 11, 2012

CVS Trip Today--Spent $25.50, Saved $34.38 (57% savings)

I haven't posted much about my couponing adventures lately (ok, so I haven't posted much about anything lately...sorry!), so I thought I'd post about my visit to CVS today.  Here's the rundown on my trip:

Transaction #1:
1 Zyrtec 5ct. $5.99
      Received: $5.99ECBs
2 Irish Springs soap 6 pack $3.50 each
     Used: $0.50 MQ
     Received $4ECBs  (when you buy 2)

Total due: 12.91
Received: $9.99ECBs to use on next transaction

Transaction #2
3 packs Pampers diapers $9.50 each
     Used: (2) $1.50 MQ
1 box Pampers wipes $3.00
     Used: $0.75 MQ
I also used:  $7ECBs from last week's trip
                    $9.99ECBs from transaction #1

Total: $12.59
Received: $10ECB to use in next transaction

Grand Total: $25.50 out of pocket with $10 to spend on my next trip

Not too shabby! So if you count the Extra Care Bucks I still have to spend, I only spent $2.59 on 3 packs of diapers and a box of wipes. That comes out to about $0.65 each!

I can't take all the credit for these deals because I had some help finding them.  I frequent the Southern Savers website almost daily to find out the deals.  I find the Walgreens, CVS and Publix listings most helpful for my area, but she has many other stores in the south listed.  Each week the site posts the new weekly ad with the corresponding coupons for each item.  This is the best way to shop in my opinion!  Never pay full price!

Did you have any great deals you want to share from this past week?  Tell us about it in the comments section!

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