Sunday, March 11, 2012

Couponing 101 ~ How I Organize My Coupons

I've been asked about keeping coupons organized by some friends and family so I thought I'd share my system.  There are several ways to keep your coupons organized, and I'm sure they all work just the same.  It all depends on your preference.  If you try one way and it seems frustrating to you, try something new.  Once you have a system fit for you it makes couponing much easier!

I use a full-sized accordion folder for the coupon inserts and a small accordion folder for individual coupons.  I also have a small pocket folder that I keep all the baby item coupons in so I can find them easily.

Full-sized Accordion folder: With this folder I have sections labeled "P&G" (Proctor & Gamble), "SmartSource", "RedPlum", "Publix", "Target" and "Misc." (miscellaneous).  The first three sections are pretty self-explanatory.  Each week I put the respective coupon insert into its section with the date written on the front.  It's important to have the date on it to make it easy to find the coupons later.

In the Publix section I put the current Yellow and Green Advantage flyers.  Sometimes I'll also put the weekly ad in there if it includes coupons or coupon booklets I get from them in the mail.

The Target section includes coupon booklets I get from them in the mail and occasional inserts in the SmartSource coupons .  The Target mailers are hit-or-miss.  From what I've read no one really knows a definite way to get their coupons.  It's worth signing up on their website though if you might get some coupons.

The Misc section has any booklets I order through the mail.  On most coupon sites that match coupons to sales, they'll include ALL coupons for the item.  This means not just ones from the weekly inserts, some that come from booklets you order through the mail.  These booklets are not necessary to coupon, but obviously the more coupons you have, the better your chances of saving money.

Small Accordion Folder: These are the folders you can find in the dollar section at Target.  I carry this one in my purse at all times, juuust in case I find a deal I didn't know about and happen to have the coupon. I use this to keep any printable coupons I've printed but haven't used yet, coupons I find at the grocery store and also pasta and cereal coupons since I know I'll always need them and want to keep them handy.

I have the sections in the small folder labeled: restaurants (any coupons I find for restaurants we might visit...although we don't do that much anymore LOL), foods (any food coupons I pick up at the store or print off), paper goods (TP, paper towels, feminine products), toiletries (shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, soap), pastacereal.  In the last section I keep a small pair            of scissors and a pen for when I'm at the store.

I like having these coupons in a smaller folder to get to easily as opposed to keeping them in the larger one where I'd have to dig for them.  Plus it's easy to store new coupons I find while shopping.

Do you have any tips for organizing coupons that have worked for you?  Share them!

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