Friday, December 16, 2011

Natalie's Tricks, Talents and Milestones--16 Months Old

I've been meaning to write down all the new things that Natalie has been doing but hadn't gotten around to it.  Until today.  I started a list to keep in her baby book and also as a reference when we go for her well-visits with the pediatrician.  I figured if I started posting them here it'd be a good record for me to refer to later if I need to.  I'll add to it every month or so to keep it current.

December 16, 2011:

  • Dada
  • Kitty cat
  • Car
  • Tree
  • There
  • Kay (for okay)
  • Oh wow!
Tricks/Cute things: 
  • Spins in a circle when you ask her to
  • Dances when you ask her to
  • Walks backwards
  • Matches picture cards
  • Puts q-tips through small holes in spice container
  • Points to animals when you ask where they are in a book (Cat, Dog, Pig, Horse, Zebra, Bunny)
  •  Points to Christmas objects
     Ø Christmas tree
     Ø Santa
     Ø Snowman
     Ø Penguin
     Ø Reindeer
     Ø Candy cane
     Ø Christmas lights
     Ø Christmas ornament
    v Signs for things she wants
     Ø Drink
     Ø Help
     Ø More
    v Follows simple instructions
     Ø Let’s get your bath (goes to the bathroom door)
     Ø Let’s change your diaper (goes to her bedroom door)
     Ø Let’s eat breakfast (lunch, dinner)
     Ø Let’s put your shoes on (goes to her high chair)
     Ø Let’s do your hair (goes to her high chair)
     Ø Go get the kitty cat (toy)
     Ø Go get the ball
     Ø Say hi!
     Ø Say bye!
     Ø Time for night-night (either lays down on the floor or goes to bedroom door)
     Ø Wanna go potty? (goes to bathroom door…no potty yet)
    v Points to body parts ( Nose,  Eyes, Ears, Mouth, Head, Hair, Feet, Hands, Toes, Belly, Leg, Belly button)
    v Interacts with her toys
     Ø Puts puzzle pieces in correct spot (panda, zebra, monkey, giraffe, hippo, tiger)
     Ø Put shapes into shape sorter with help
     Ø “drinks” from empty cups/containers
     Ø Collects similar objects
     Ø Puts lids into empty containers
     Ø Pokes pom-poms through small holes in a container
     Ø Picks up baby dolls/stuff animals, hugs them, pats them on the back and says “awww”
    v Gives a hug when asked
    v Gives a kiss when asked
    v Tries putting shoes and socks on her feet (puts them to her feet)
    v Pushes arms through armholes
    v Lifts feet to put them into pant legs
    v Climbs into small chairs
    v Looks at books and “reads” them out loud

    If you have a little one, what are some new tricks he or she is doing these days?

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