Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Natalie's Christmas Stocking

Years ago, before Mark and I even started dating, I made a tree skirt from a Bucilla felt kit to give my parents for Christmas.  I had never sewn anything in my life, except for a pillow in 5th grade for my mom for Mother's Day.  I didn't understand the complexity of what I was getting into when I bought the kit, but I was determined to make it.  Long story short, I finished late and wound up fabric gluing most of the appliques onto the skirt.

I then graduated to making myself a stocking using the same type of kit.  This time, however, I actually read the directions on how to applique the pieces and also used stuffing where it was required.  I was very proud of how it turned out.  Not too shabby for my first real hand-sewing project...

After realizing I could actually complete such a daunting task, I decided to buy a tree skirt in the "After Christmas Sales".  I felt very comfortable with this project, and didn't have to refer to how to make the stitches as much.
Again, I was very happy with the final product...

By this point Mark and I had bought our house together and had talked about getting married, so I wanted to make a stocking for him too.  After some searching, I found one that I liked that was also masculine enough that Mark would like it. :)  Here's his Christmas stocking...

So it goes without saying that once Natalie was born, she needed a hand-sewn stocking too.  After searching for the perfect scene on the stocking (not too kid-like, but not too grown-up), I found it at Michael's.  I didn't realize until it was finished how similar it is to mine.

They look so cute hanging next to each other.  Once they were hung, Natalie of course went over to them (sparkly things always catch the eye of toddlers).  She points to hers when I say, "Where's Natalie's stocking?" and does the same with mine and Mark's.

I highly recommend the Bucilla and Janlynn stocking and tree skirt kits, even if you're just starting out.  They're so fun and look great when they're complete!

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  1. how long did it take you to complete 1 stocking?