Monday, September 19, 2011

Just Between Friends Consignment Sale Loot

My mom and I went to the Just Between Friends Sale in Port St. Lucie this past weekend, and boy did we find some great items!!!  If you've never heard of the Just Between Friends Consignment Sale, please look it up!
They have sales in many different states, and the people who run the sales are some of the nicest I've ever met.  I went to my first JBF sale when I was still pregnant with Natalie and got pretty much her entire wardrobe for her first year there for well under $100.  I've since been to 3 more of their sales between the Orlando and PSL sales.

One word, three syllables--A-MA-ZING!  Here's what we got this weekend:

13 Outfits/Dresses (mostly Gymboree, Carter's and Children's Place)
1 velour jogging outfit
1 Children's Place heavy sweater
1 hoodie
3 pairs brand new Gymboree socks ($1 apiece!)
2 pairs of brand new tights (1 Gymboree, 1 Children's Place, again $1 apiece!)
4 brand new long sleeve Carter's onesies
1 pair of brown shoes from Children's Place
3 board books
1 cloth book
1 large bag of sippy cups, trainer spoons/forks, suction cup bowl, snack cup
3 brand new pacifiers
1 new pacifier clip
1 new set of bathtub toys from Alex
2 chunky board books

All for $130.  Like I said, you NEED to check out these sales!  I mentioned the name brands so you know that I'm talking quality stuff here. :)  And as a bonus, you're helping other moms by buying things they no longer need while getting things you need at a great price.  Ok, I'll step off my soapbox now.  But seriously, check it out. :)

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