Sunday, September 11, 2011

CVS Visit--Spent $20.65, Saved $60.13!

My CVS visit today:

1 box RePhresh Tampons ($6.79, $6.79 ECB back)
5 boxes Finish tabs ($2.99, various coupons used, spend $20, get $10 ECB back)
1 Airwick Freshmatic kit ($4.99, $4 coupon used; spend $20, get $10 ECB back)
1 box Ritz Crackerfuls ($2.50, coupon to get this free printed at the kiosk)
1 set of 3 snack holders ($2, needed this as a filler for $5 off $25 purchase)
1 jumbo pack Slip-on diapers ($8.99, $3 coupon, $1 ECB back)
1 jumbo pack Huggies diapers ($8.99, $1.50 coupon)

Total out of pocket: $20.65
Saved: $60.13 with coupons, sales (74% savings)
Still have: $1 ECB, Coupon for $1 off Pampers

I was really  happy with this visit.  And I was fairly surprised they had everything I was looking for.  I think I've found my new CVS.  It's a 24 hour store as opposed to the other one I've gone to that runs out of items quickly.

What kind of deals have you gotten this week?

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